Would You Talk About Your Salary?

Good Day Everyone, I’m going to continue on the theme of communication and finances because I strongly believe that it’s the most important thing you can do. Yesterday morning, I was listening to the radio on the way in to work. The topic of their conversation was whether or not it’s OK to discuss your
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Path to Financial Independence 4/5: Build Your Team

Good Day Everyone! Thanks for joining me for Part 4 of the Path to Financial Freedom Series. In the previous parts, I talked about establishing your financial position, setting goals, and different ways you can reach those goals.  In today’s post I’ll be discussing arguably the most important part of reaching financial freedom, and that’s
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Path to Financial Independence Part 1/5: Where are you?

Good Day Everyone! Today I’m starting a new 5 part series called Path to Financial Independence. I’m writing this series because I’ve been reading so much personal finance literature lately. Whether it’s books, blogs, or articles, it’s all so fragmented. I’m trying to write this from the perspective of someone who needs some simple tools
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