Stock of the Month Recap

Good Day Everyone, As promised, today’s post is a recap of all my previous stock of the month picks. It’ll include the total return since my writing about it and a brief update on how I feel about the company. 1)  Extendicare (EXE) Date of Mention- September 1, 2016 Price at Mention – $8.48 Dividend Income Since
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Learning Moments from a Reader Conversation

  Good Day Everyone, Today I want to talk about a back and forth email conversation I had with a reader recently regarding an investment opportunity he had. He wasn’t entirely sure if this investment was suitable for me so he asked me for some advice. I won’t mention his name or the specific investment,
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Trolling the Pro-Index Funds Crowd

Good Day Everyone! Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read my new post! As the title of today’s post clearly states, I will be a trolling the pro index funds crowd. I guess it’s not so much a troll as it is showing them they’re wrong… They have all the evidence
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