Why I Don't Automate My Savings

Good Day Everyone! While reading my Twitter feed, I came across an interesting question from somebody I follow: Do you automate your finances? I responded with “Nope, never.” I don’t think that was the answer she was looking for because I never got a reply haha! Anyways, I’ve talked and listened to enough personal finance
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First Giveaway!

Happy Friday Everyone! I mentioned before that I will be doing giveaways to subscribers, and I’m finally ready to announce the first one! For any new subscribers to my blog using the box that looks like the one attached here (the real one is on the home page), I will be giving you a FREE budgeting
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Can you Afford to Live Longer?

Good evening everyone! Happy to say that my new place is all set up and I can live my life as normal again! Last post, I mentioned that I will be doing a model portfolio series.  https://options2riches.com/?p=517. Look for that to come out on the 15th of September. Going forward, I’ll be posting the monthly
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