About Me

Here’s a quick summary about me to help give you some context on why my opinions are what they are.

  • 33 year old
  • Married
  • Avid gym goer
  • Homeowner in Stouffville Ontario
  • Both my wife and I have normal office jobs
  • No kid….yet
  • I think about money every day so I don’t have to worry about money any day
  • I run all the finances in the house including:
    • Investing
    • Insurance
    • Budgeting
    • Taxes
  • I helped move my  parents away from a traditional investment advisor to running their investments
  • I answer the occasional money question from family members and friends
  • All of these experiences has helped me determine what’s worked (or hasn’t worked) for me and my family
  • Through this, I’ve also gained an understanding of some of the concerns and perspectives of people in various age groups and family situations
  • My goal with Options2Riches
    • To document all the options out there that can get us rich (both in wealth and happiness)
    • To answer questions people have about money (or anything) to help them make a better informed financial decision
    • To have fun in the process

With all that in mind, I hope I’m able to help you in any way possible deal with your personal finance concerns. Please feel free to reach me in the comment section or in any of my social media pages.

Have a Wonderful Day


Twitter: @Options2Riches

Email: options2riches@gmail.com

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Instagram: Options2Riches

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