Welcome to Options2Riches.com! I'll be using this site to post my trades and updates. Feel free to follow along on my journey to build riches through options! I'm sure there will be other investment related things along the way.

Rolling Short Puts in Gamestop (GME)

Initial Trade on February 25th Short 1x Feb 26th 2021 $80 Put – ($5.00) Initial Thoughts on Trade Here we go again with the WSB crowd and Gamestop. Yesterday the stock opened at $44.70 and got all the way up to $91.71. If that wasn’t crazy enough, the stock opened today at $169.56. As a
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Blackberry LEAPS (BB)

I’ve held this trade for a while and have done multiple trades to manage it. For this one, I will just post what my existing positions are on Blackberry and continue writing about it on a go forward basis. Long 10x Jan 20th 2023 $5 Calls  Short 10x Feb 26th $13.5 Calls Overall Net Cost
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Velodyne Lidar Diagonal Calls (VLDR)

Initial Trade on February 2nd Buy 3x Dec 17th 2021 $12.5 Call – $11.90 Sell 3x Feb 19th 2020 $30 Call – ($0.65) Total Cost – $11.25 Break Even At Expiration: $12.50 + 11.25 = 23.75 Initial Thoughts on Trade Autonomous cars are on trend as an investment thesis and this stock was brought to
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